Tau vs Pi

I read this article with great interest.. and I'm sold! Tau beats pi any day.. read it and find out why..

4 Responses to “Tau vs Pi”

  • e^i(tau/2)=-1 doesn’t have quite the same ring, and e^i.tau=1 isn’t as profound.

  • Avoiding the unspeakably awful consequence that this will deprive us of the opportunity to make pi jokes, surely the only place where tau helps is when calculating the circumference of a circle. It offers no greater equational elegance for the area of the circle or anything to do with a sphere. And e^i(?/2)=-1 is downright ugly.


  • Granted Euler’s theorem doesn’t look as good, but I think it makes more sense more widely if you look at the actual article (rather than the news article), and use radians rather than degrees, and sin / cos periods etc would be one tau instead of two pi.

  • 2pi comes up loads in physics, usually because of radians or sin/cos stuff. But I think pi comes up more often in pure maths, especially in Euler’s theorem which is about as pure and fundamental as it gets, so it’s probably the more fundamental of the two.

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