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Welcome to the homepage of the Admin SSL plugin for WordPress.
For a history of the plugin, please go here.
For setup instructions, please go here.
If you are having problems, please read the FAQ before posting.
If you need to reset Admin SSL, please go here.

The latest release, 2.0, supports WordPress 3.0+.  Please note that if you upgrade from a previous version, SSL support will be disabled after the upgrade.  This is due to the large coding changes required to support WordPress 3.0+.

Please also note that support for Shared SSL has been removed – if you follow this plugin you will know my hosting provider removed it so I can no longer test it.  So in order to make the plugin work with 3.0+ I have had to remove Shared SSL support.

If I could be cheeky, and you would like to make a donation (for all my hard developing!), please use the PayPal donate button below:


  • Forces SSL on all pages where passwords can be entered.
  • Works with Private SSL only.
  • Custom additional URLS (e.g. wp-admin/) can be secured through the config page.
  • You can choose where you want the Admin SSL config page to appear!
  • Works on WordPress 3.0 – 3.1.1; for previous versions of WordPress please use version 1.4.1, but note it is no longer supported – you should upgrade to the latest WordPress version.
  • Other options can be defined on the new configuration page.
  • Reset, debug and test modes for troubleshooting.


The following downloads are hosted by

2.0 – The latest stable version, with all the above features.

1.4.1 – The previous stable version, works with WordPress up to 2.9 and supports Shared SSL. (NB the only way I could get Admin SSL to work in WP 2.6+ was to get it to disable the new WordPress authentication cookies, and use the ones from 2.5.1. I personally prefer SSL than the cookie weirdness of 2.6+, but it's up to you.)

If you prefer, you can use the SVN repository.  The releases are in the 'tags' subdirectory, the development version in 'trunk'.

I offer as much support as I can, but this is an activity I do in my spare time, so please be patient!

Known Issues

  • Admin SSL has 'erratic' behaviour when WordPress is not installed in the same directory as the WordPress URL.  This is because of the way the WordPress canonical redirection functions work.  I have not yet been able to overcome these.
  • The login page (and other admin pages) can be secured, but nothing on the site side.


Secure login page

Secure login page.

Secure plugins page

Secure plugins screen, with Admin SSL enabled.

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