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If you enable SSL and enter your Shared SSL url incorrectly, your site will become inaccessible.  There are four ways to reclaim access to your blog.

If you are trying one of them, and nothing is happening, please try restarting your browser to clear any rogue cookies that are causing you problems.

First way: delete Admin SSL

The most drastic 'solution' is to delete Admin SSL.  This will mean you can access your site, but if you ever reinstall Admin SSL your site will become inaccessible again because it stores options in the WordPress database.

Second way: visit admin-ssl-reset.php

If you are still signed in to the admin side of your blog, you can visit this page, which will reset the Admin SSL options in your database:


Change '/admin-ssl/' for the name of the directory in which you installed Admin SSL.  If this is successful, it will redirect you to your Dashboard.  If you are not signed in and try to access this page, an error message will be displayed.

Third way: change RESET to true

The least dangerous way to reset Admin SSL is to edit a constant in admin-ssl.php.  Look for the line near the beginning that says:


Change 'false' to 'true' (without any quotation marks) so it looks like this:


Save the file, and go to your blog home page.  Sign in to the admin side, and you will see a message telling you that Admin SSL is in reset mode.  Go back to admin-ssl.php and change 'true' back to 'false', and you will be able to use the plugin again.

Fourth way: delete options

If you can access your SQL database, view the table called 'wp-options' and delete all entries that begin with 'admin_ssl_'.  This will trick Admin SSL into thinking it is a fresh installation, and therefore it will insert the default options.

2 Responses to “Reset”

  • Cant still access my site despite deleting the admin-ssl folder via Cpanel,clearing my browser cookies and cache and deleting all entries starting _admin-ssl in the wp-options MySQL table.It just shows an added redirect path on the browser address field.Stuck on what to do,please help!

  • Are you sure you have the correct link in your browser? If you have actually deleted the admin-ssl folder then there is no way it can possibly be still affecting the operation of your blog!! It makes no change to any core WP files.


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